Kinomatic Announces Partnership with OneStep

Kinomatic is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with OneStep, the creators of a first-of-its-kind physical therapy app. Kinomatic is dedicated to providing the best orthopedic technology to all of our patients and doctors and OneStep is a critical piece in helping us fulfill this vision.

All patients who sign up for Kinomatic Custom Surgical Planning will also be enrolled in the OneStep Physical Therapy program which uses your smart phone as a motion analysis lab. It is an amazing tool at gathering pre and postoperative measurements and gait analysis. Patients also get access to their own personal physical therapist to guide them through the rehab period with a customized regiment to fit their needs and goals.

Together, Kinomatic and OneStep are able to offer the complete technological package when it comes to joint replacement surgery. The entire process, from preoperative imaging, to the custom surgical plan, to the personalized PT program, has been built to suit each patient at the individual level, customized from beginning to end.

The result is a joint replacement experience unlike any other. To read the full press release announcement click THIS LINK.



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