Virtual Reality Plays an Important Role in Medicine

Kinomatic’s virtual reality implementation is a key aspect of what sets us apart from other orthopedic technology companies. The possibilities that virtual reality offers continues to show and prove that it has many meaningful applications in medicine as a whole. An article by Dr. Liji Thomas, MD points out the many different ways that VR is being used in medicine. 

One of the big ways we’re seeing virtual reality used in medicine is for training purposes. Because VR is a fully immersive experience, meaning when wearing the headset you see only computer generated imagery and nothing of the space you’re in, applications can simulate operating rooms, hospitals, and patients. “Any kind of medical situation can be simulated using VR, to allow the students to deal with it as in real life” (Thomas). The dissection of cadavers for medical students to visualize the interior of the human body can now be done entirely in VR. The value of VR in this scenario goes beyond just visualizing anatomy. VR also allows for the simulation of specific surgical situations in impressive detail. 

For established doctors, virtual reality can play an important role in planning out complex surgeries or improving on standard procedures. Kinomatic is utilizing VR to improve on standard joint replacement surgeries. Kinomatic takes what has typically been done with standard x-rays and brings it into 3D. In virtual reality the 3D models Kinomatic is able to create come to life allowing surgeons to view, manipulate, and plan their joint replacements beforehand. With Kinomatic’s virtual reality software, the user can manipulate the entire 3D model or individual pieces of the assembly allowing for some never-before-possible instances. For example, a surgeon can zoom the patient’s anatomy in to see the precise placement of how the implants fit with the bone. With the option for opaque or transparent bone texturing, Kinomatic allows you to rotate 360 degrees to make sure everything is perfectly centered. Virtual reality in medicine is making a huge difference in how procedures are prepared and performed. Kinomatic is the only virtual reality based, surgical planning company for orthopedic surgeons. 

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