Dr. Mangiapani Discusses Using Kinomatic

Dr. Mangiapani Discusses The Benefits of Kinomatic Custom Surgical Planning

Dr. Mangiapani, Orthopedic Surgeon at Murray Clinic, recently did a Facebook Live video where he discussed how technology in joint replacement surgery has evolved to the point where a custom surgical plan can create an exact 3D model of your lower body, with collaboration from both the surgeon and biomedical engineers far in advance of your surgery.

A typical knee or hip replacement has over 30,000 size combinations, and now virtual reality (VR) custom surgical planning can formulate a procedural plan modeled to your exact anatomy.

Virtual Reality custom surgical planning enables the surgeon to determine your natural, biomechanical alignment which affords precise implant balancing that leads to longer-lasting implants, and improved patient satisfaction.

The live video is in 2 parts, and we hope you find the information helpful when discussing yours or others joint replacement options.

To learn more about Kinomatic Custom Surgical Planning, visit our website, www.kinomatic.com


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